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Recovery, our classic lotion, REBORN!
A small rebirth with 100 unique samples.

Known as magical a post-training wonder weapon. 
Tested with some of the greatest athletes and bloggers around, been on kilimanjaro, used in great running performances, used in the Brazilian Olympics and Russian, and used everyday by normal human beings that just want a easy and fast recovery.

This time we boosted every element know from the old recovery lotion. This one claps right back like a horse kick. Use plenty and massage it in deep, until everything is gone. Suplie a baselayer or some clothes and you will gain an extra effect. 

  • WHAT

    Consist of a Co2 ginger, eucalyptus, kamfer and original mintleafves all mixed with a neutral oil that makes it easy to rub in. 
    Use the lotion straight after activity or wait until after the shower, massage it in and jump in some clothes to increase the sensation.


    150 ml

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